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Welcome to the Blacksheep Hostel Medellin

Located in the tranquil El Poblado district of Medellín, the Black Sheep is a five year old, New Zealand owned hostel. The Black Sheep Hostel is situated only eight minutes walk from the metro station, Poblado and a large supermarket, ten minutes from EAFIT University and fifteen minutes walk from the Zona Rosa (bars / clubs / restaurants) of Medellin. This really is the perfect place to make the most of this diverse city.

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Our Rooms

Safe to say we have some of the most comfortable beds in Colombia. Most were made to order and are a full two metres long. Colombians are short so they have short beds. We like the big beds. I think this is the only hostel in Colombia with two meter long beds. There are dorm rooms with four, six or eight beds. There are also three double rooms available and a single. Maybe I'll make a few more in the coming months.

About us


I came to Colombia for the first time eight years ago. I was never intending to visit the country but after hearing so many people berate the place i thought it must be good. I took the bus up from Quito with an American guy, who as it turns out is now happily married to a Colombian girl, and we arrived in Popayan late in the evening. My first Colombian experience the next morning was getting caught up in some marches and having to deal with a lot of tear gas. From there we went to San Agustin and then on to Bogota, staying at the famous Platypus. I wanted a bit of adventure so I headed off alone on the overnight bus to Buenaventura and then Isla Gorgona. An amazing place to which I have returned two times already. On the way to the island the boat broke by a fishing boat which took me and two others on to the island. I met a Colombian girl during the break down and she invited me to her house in Manizales the following week, a great time


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The Blacksheep Hostel

Barrio Patio Bonito, Poblado, Medellín
Transversal 5a No 45-133
Phone: (4)311 15 89
Phone: 317 5181369